Electronic devices have made our life easy and became a part of our day to day life. From
television and phones to smartwatches and air pods, the technology is growing rapidly. But
we all have been there in a stage not knowing whether these have to be cleaned or not. Yes.
It has to be cleaned. For a longer life, it is critical that we keep all of our electronic devices
clean and clear of dust accumulation.
The majority of regularly used electronic devices, such as laptops, phones, and watches, are
dust magnets that become polluted with food particles, germs and other pathogens.
Disinfecting them time to time is very critical. Cleaning with water alone won’t get the job
done. So, our experts have developed the WOPPER EGC – Electronic Gadget Cleaner.

WOPPER EGC is an electronic gadget cleaner. The sweat in our hands, food particles, dirty
surfaces in which the devices are kept etc can damage our gadgets. So it has to be cleaned
and disinfected. Ordinary cleaners cannot be used in screens and keyboards. They need
something that is specially formulated for them. WOPPER EGC is one such cleaner, made
specially to keep your gadgets neat and clean.
How to clean phones, tablets and computers?
For phones and tablets:
 Damp a microfibre cloth with WOPPER EGC to clean tempered glass screen protectors
on tablets and phones.
 To keep these gadgets free of germs and dust, wipe the crevices and edges with
cotton swabs.
When wiping down devices like the iPhone and iPad, be careful because they have special
self-cleaning oleophobic coatings that might be harmed..
For laptops and desktops:
 Turn the laptop upside down to clean the keyboard of dust and food particles. Damp
a microfibre cloth with WOPPER EGC and wipe the keyboard clean.
 Clean the screen with a dry wipe followed by a damp cloth dipped in WOPPER EGC to
remove smudges.
 With a moist cloth dipped in WOPPER EGC, wipe the computer’s plastic parts, the
keyboard, mouse and the CPU.
Does WOPPER EGC cause any damage to game console and controllers? How
to clean them?

No, WOPPER EGC does not cause any damage to your gadgets if you use them as per the
directions given.
 First, use a dry microfiber cloth or Swiffer duster to dust off the console. Then, using
a microfiber cloth and a small amount of water, go over it again. Run a cotton swab
through any crevices, but not any cutouts, with water.
 Make a mixture of one part water to one part WOPPER EGC. Damp a microfibre cloth
in this solution and wipe down the controller completely.
 Dip a cotton swab into the solution and use it to clean around buttons and crevices.
Is it necessary to clean a flat screen TV and remote?
Yes. They also need periodic cleaning. Many television screens contain anti-reflective
coatings that are quite sensitive to the chemicals in them, and glass cleaners can be caustic.
Apply water to a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen’s surface to clean it properly.
Remember to clean your remote controls as well. They can be smudgy, crumb-filled mess.
Remove the batteries from the remote, shake off any crumbs, and then use compressed air
to blast the buttons. Then use a microfiber cloth to apply a mixture of one part water to one
part WOPPER EGC to the surface. Run a cotton swab through all of the buttons after dipping
it in the solution.
How to clean smart speakers?
Almost a kin, you cannot do without are the Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, Apple
HomePod, and Google Nest. These surely need a face lift.
For devices with screens, such as the Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show 10, use a
screen-cleaning wipe on the screen and a plain microfiber cloth on the fabric-covered parts.
If there is a stain on the fabric, lightly dampen the microfiber cloth and go over it. (This is
similar to the advice Apple gives if the HomePod leaves a white ring on a wood surface.)
Do earphones/ headphones need to be cleaned?
Yes. It is better to clean them at least once in a while but those which you use in gym needs
regular cleaning as it comes in contact with your sweat daily.
They are delicate devices, use a cotton swab dipped in the WOPPER EGC to gently clean
How to clean fitness trackers and smartwatches?
Your fitness tracker (and to some extent your smartwatch) is there to make you sweat, but
that means it gets sweaty along with you. The good news is that both can stand up to some
moisture. Clean the face with a bit of water and a microfiber cloth.

For bands made of rubber (silicone, elastomer, etc.), rinse with water or wipe them down
with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.
Fitbit recommends cleaning the charging contacts on its line of trackers with a toothpick or a
toothbrush dipped in rubbing alcohol. Dry the contacts with a lint-free cloth.